Valve responds to Team Fortress 2 fan campaign

Valve responds to Team Fortress 2 fan campaign

if you converse with team Fortress 2 community all the way online, you may have seen "Save" team Fortress 2“The campaign has been going on for the past few weeks. The campaign saw the attention of Valve and the publisher largely address issues in the game like bots, and these requests have been voiced for quite some time now, The initiative really started to gain traction this week among "a peaceful" TF2 protest" is scheduled for May 26. All those efforts seem to have (somewhat) paid off with Valve's response to the campaign, though not everyone is convinced the push to save the game is over. Is.

Flying under the #savetf2 banner on social media, people shared the poster below advertising this peaceful protest, with other callouts for people to join. team Fortress 2 Campaign.  When the protest was to take place on May 26, social media was flooded with people using that hashtag and its variants, while asking Valve to do something about the state of the game.  Even accounts of other games Like the One for Payday Series got pushed for TF2 helping out.

#savetf2 After winning this battle, we must win the war! May 2022

It then makes sense that eventually, the game's community would get a response, and they did on May 26.  official team Fortress 2 The Twitter account responded by accepting the community's requests, saying that the creators are working to rectify the situation.

,TF2 Community, we hear you!" The response from the creators said. "We love this game and know you do too.  We see how big this issue has become and are working to improve things."

TF2 Community, we hear you!  We love this game and know you do too.  We see how big this issue has become and are working to improve things.26 May 2022

While it's a good start, it doesn't mean that things are over for those who want to play team Fortress 2 Without encountering waves of bots and other issues every other match.  It's a commitment to the work done to make things better, but nothing has really changed yet, so don't expect the #savetf2 post to end anytime soon.

released in 2007, team Fortress 2 currently free to play Steam,  Despite its issues with bots, the game regularly ranks high on lists of most played Steam games and Currently number 10.  sits on,

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