Pokémon Unite will let you catch wild Pokémon in new game modes

Pokémon Unite will let you catch wild Pokémon in new game modes

A new game mode is coming pokemon united. earlier today, pokemon united released a trailer for a brand new game mode that will let players capture wild Pokémon during a match and switch them in with their standard Pokémon.  The new "Catch 'Em" game modes include Pokémon such as Ludicolo, Avalug and Dreadnought, as well as the legendary Pokémon Articuno, Zapdos, and Regigas.  Swapping Pokemon will give players access to the Pokemon they've captured, although it doesn't appear that a player can upgrade the moves of a captured Pokemon at all.  You can watch the new trailer below:

pokemon united  is a MOBA-style free-to-play game featuring 5v5 team battles.  Players control a single Pokémon and level it up by defeating wild Pokémon and opponents.  Players also collect Aeos energy from wild Pokémon and try to score goals in their opponent's favor.  While the game is missing many features from traditional Pokémon games (such as type advantages), it's still a fun mix of MOBA-style strategy and classic Pokémon.  While the game is free-to-play, players will need to purchase a Unite license from the in-game store to use those Pokémon in matches.  Unite licenses can be purchased either using AOS Coins, an in-game currency earned by playing matches, or using premium currency purchased with real-world money.

pokemon united    has added several optional game modes to its standard 5v5 battles.  Many of these mods add a one-time gimmick around certain holidays or seasons, but this is the first to add a significant new mechanic to the game.  Catch 'Em Mode also marks the first time players can use Legendary Pokémon Pokemon Unite. Previously, many mythical Pokémon (such as Zarora and Hoopa) were available as normal roster members.

pokemon united Will add a Catch 'Em game mode on May 30th.  Players can try out the new mode till June 27.

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