Modern Warfare 2 leak reveals exclusive PlayStation bonus

Modern Warfare 2 leak reveals exclusive PlayStation bonus

call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was Officially revealed just a few days agoBut already, leaks have started to reveal what's to come ahead of the game's final beta and its October release.  One of the leaks that appeared online this week indicated that Play Station Users will continue to enjoy certain benefits when it comes to call of duty Apparently by getting the game's first beta before other platforms are enabled.  However, at this time neither Activision, Infinity Ward, nor Sony have officially announced any plans for beta or platform-first exclusivity.

charlieintel first reported on Modern Warfare 2 leak that belongs to something Call of Duty: Vanguard Files that talk about the new Call of Duty game.  Those lines in the files talked about different versions of the new Call of Duty release, including some cross-gen bundles and more, which should be expected by now, but it also talked about beta.  Beta dates weren't provided, but part of the incentives for getting your copy of the game early included "early access to the open beta - first on PS4 and PS5."

BREAKING: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Edition leaked via Vanguard files

Standard Edition
cross general bundle
Vault Edition

First open beta on PlayStation confirmed24 May 2022

PlayStation users have regularly received Call of Duty perks over the years as new games are released, thanks to a deal between Activision and Sony, though noting that Microsoft recently how it was announced acquisition of activismOf course, this PlayStation-first exclusivity may come as a surprise to some.  However, the deal between Microsoft and Activision hasn't been finalized yet, so it makes sense that this Call of Duty game would still have some PlayStation perks attached to it, even though it's the last of the series to do so. Have a game

Again, Activision hasn't announced its plans yet Modern Warfare 2 beta, so this leak is all we have so far to indicate that this will be a PlayStation-first gain, even if it's a pretty safe bet from previous releases. centered disclosure Modern Warfare 2 The release date announcement is already underway with a global reveal of the game's story and modes coming soon, so we'll hear about beta plans sooner rather than later.

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