Mafia 5 is reportedly being employed by Hangar 13 amid Mafia 4 development

Mafia 5 is reportedly being employed by Hangar 13 amid Mafia 4 development

A new report suggests Hangar 13 is hanging its hat mafia Franchise for the future of the studio.  On an official level, Hangar 13 has been really quiet about its future games since its release. mafia 3 in 2016.  Given the success of that game, many assumed the developer would begin work on a fourth game, but it focused on a sci-fi game codenamed Volt.  The game was claimed to be an incredibly expensive endeavor and may have been a major IP for Hangar 13, but it was Reportedly canceled in 2021 after all kinds of development hurdles,  Now, it looks like the developer is taking a double whammy on the mafia.

Bloomberg is reporting That Hangar 13 had a wave of layoffs, although no numbers were disclosed.  2K Games aims to help displaced employees find new homes at other 2K studios or elsewhere outside the company, but Hangar 13 will remain operational.  The developer is reportedly working on a tennis game and mafia 4, a game that Bloomberg claims has struggled to gain approval for years.  Given the turmoil experienced by the studio over the years, it is reported that Hangar 13 president Nick Baines has told staff that he is working to get mafia 5 approved during the development of mafia 4 So that they can easily move on to the next game and not be left in limbo.  At the moment, Hangar 13 has yet to confirm its next game and there are very few reputable rumors about it. mafia 4,

One of a handful of rumors states that mafia 4 Will be more linear than previous gameschoosing to address criticism that mafia 3 It was a bloated open world.  It will also reportedly be installed in Late 19th or early 20th century and follow Don Salieri, one of the crime bosses in the original mafia game.  it is unclear if mafia 5 will follow directly Mafia 4'The legend of or if it will be something else, such as the massive rumor in Las Vegas that Hangar 13 was claimed years ago was planning.

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