Kingmaker developer Starfinder teases game

Kingmaker developer Starfinder teases game

producer of Pathfinder: Kingmaker    And Pioneer: Wrath of the Righteous The video game is teasing a new project, this time involving another Paizo tabletop franchise.  Earlier this week, Owlcat Games posted a new teaser site that reveals it's a .  will be making starfinder    Video game.  An asteroid field is shown in the background of the website, with several planets floating in the background.  You can view the full website here, Which leads to the newsletter sign up page for more details.

starfinder sci fi is cousin guide, Popular Fantasy Tabletop Roleplaying Games & Alternatives Dungeons & Dragons. whereas starfinder Famously featuring spaceships, laser guns, and exploration of alien worlds, the two games are actually set in the same universe.  Not only do sports share many of the same races, one of the central secrets starfinder This includes the disappearance of the Golorians, the planet on which all needle There are thrills.  The famous planet, known simply as The Gap, disappeared from every computer and database in the galaxy with several hundred years of historical record.  The only remnant of the Golorion is Absalom Station, a space station and center for the Milky Way that sits on the site where the Golorian once stood.

idea of ​​a starfinder The game is very exciting, especially considering the history of the creation of the wonderfully faithful adaptation of Owlcat of pathfinder rule system.  familiar player needle should be able to take one starfinder game easily, as starfinder tweaks many needle Mechanics to fit sci-fi themes.  Undoubted, starfinder There are strong rules for space warfare as well, so a starfinder The game can go in many different directions.

We may hear more details about the Owlcat games later this week, as Paizo is hosting its annual PaizoCon.  The time between website attendance and the conference is questionable, so don't be surprised and get some more news soon.

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