Dr Disrespect's $100k Fortnite tournament has absurd rules for Twitch streamers

Dr Disrespect's $100k Fortnite tournament has absurd rules for Twitch streamers

Dr. Disrespect is hosting a huge fortnite tournament, but Twitch Participating streamers will be subject to some strict rules.  in 2020, Dr Disrespect was suddenly banned from Twitch,  To this day, the official reason for his ban remains a mystery, but many have speculated that the reason must be relatively serious. Dr. Disrespect was the poster boy for Twitch thanks to his quirky personality and massive following, so the ban couldn't have come as much of a shock to those who keep up with the world of influencers.  Dr Disrespect has found success on YouTube, although it doesn't seem like he has an official deal with the platform like Ludwig or other streamers.

Due to the Twitch ban of disrespect, other Twitch streamers are prohibited from playing with them or showing them in their streams.  This has created a problem for streamers who want to download his .  participating in fortnite Tournament.  According to a list of rules from Boom TV, the event holder, Twitch streamers must mute Dr Disrespect in-game, avoid showing him on stream, and simply call him "two-time champion" to avoid facing punishment. should be referred to by aliases such as ".  Twitch. @JaredFPS Noted on Twitter This is similar to how the Harry Potter characters refer to Voldemort as "He Who Must Not Be Named", because his name gives him power within the fictional universe.  Although the ban on Doctor Disrespect is still a mystery, many people think that forcing others to treat them as outsiders is not the right solution.  You can see the list of guidelines below.

Dr Disrespect Tomorrow Hosting $100k Fortnite Event Involving Multiple Twitch Streamers

Posted now is the strict rule that allows those streamers to follow Doc.  to show or avoid doing anything with must follow pic.twitter.com/J8V9uYDfR926 May 2022

This is a bit extreme and may result in some content creators pushing for changes to these rules.  Although they don't want to actively promote Dr. Disrespect and give Twitch creators the ability to guest feature him on their stream, acting like that isn't very constructive.  Only time will tell if Twitch chooses to revise its rules about streaming with restricted users.

What do you think about these rules?  Tell me in the comments below or hit me up Twitter @Cade_Onder,

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