Cyberpunk 2077 leak spoils the first expansion

Cyberpunk 2077 leak spoils the first expansion

but work cyberpunk 2077 The expansion and other DLC are still rolling in despite the game's rocky launch, but it looks like players have already figured out a lot of the details about it. The game's first major expansion before its release.  Delimited details related to this expansion were explicitly included in previous updates to the game in which subtitles for a significant portion - if not all - of the expansion were added to the game.

As such, the spoilers are most definitely out and about now the information has started to circulate online.  files containing "every line and dialogue“Places like Reddit have been shared for people to see in the first detail.

Those random files online are inherently sketchy and should be avoided in most cases, but thankfully for those who want to know what that is but don't want to risk their security, others have taken advantage of it. and indicated that the files appear to be safe and include dialogue that is said to be from the first expansion of the game.  The same person who viewed the files has offered summarized versions of the content for other people who don't want to see everything.

Spoiler alert: Possible spoilers for the first cyberpunk 2077 The detail is found below.

"Finally looks like this DLC will add an extra result at the end of Arasaka," a reddit user Asked to summarize the material.  "It also adds new characters and content to the epilogue depending on which ending you choose. Some notable recurring people are Reed, Meyers, Fia, and Songbird. Overall this DLC looks very interesting and the story adds more characters and lore." adds up."

"Songbird" is believed to be one of the key players in this first expansion due to the number of times he is mentioned in dialogue.  Other characters, such as Johnny Silverhand, were also mentioned, although without full context of how and when all of these characters would be used, it is essentially impossible to determine how everything would go.  The above is about as brief as one might be able to offer, but given that the files were apparently scraped from an update released in February, it's likely that players who can decipher the extension from the files. will change before.  free.

You should not put your faith in the information provided by this publication or website. What if it is a fake?
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