'The Blacklist': Will Liz's death be avenged? Ressler races against the clock in the final first look (exclusive)

'The Blacklist': Will Liz's death be avenged?  Ressler races against the clock in the final first look (exclusive)

Will justice finally be served? The blacklist?

In Friday's season finale, titled "Marvin Gerard: Conclusion Pt. 2," Red and Cooper face conflicting endings for their mutual betrayer: the aforementioned Marvin Gerard (guest star Fisher Stevens), Red's attorney, who is revealed as the perpetrator.  behind Liz's death, while a big secret about the task force falls into the wrong hands.

"After a long manhunt, the FBI finally catches up with Marvin Gerard, giving Ressler the opportunity to arrest the man responsible for Liz's death," executive producer and showrunner John Eisendrath jokes to ET.

In ET's exclusive clip from the season 9 finale, Ressler is determined to capture Marvin and make him pay for setting the events in motion that led to Liz's death, and subsequently blackmailing Cooper.  The stakes are high for Ressler, Red, Cooper and the rest of the team, as their lives will change dramatically if they can't get Marvin to stand up to his creator.

With time running out, Ressler boards the private plane, after firing a suspicious bodyguard, while desperately trying to track down Marvin, whom he suspects is on board.  When a flight attendant plays dumb and tells Ressler there's no one else on the plane, his eagle eye notices a bottle of liquor and a half-full glass next to it.

"Marvin Gerard, where is he?"  Ressler demands, causing the stewardess to tell him that she doesn't know who she is.

As she has Dembe escort her off the plane and asks for the plane to be sealed so no one can get in or out, it looks like that's the end of it.  But aha!  not so

Several minutes pass before Marvin finally makes his appearance, yes, he I was in fact in the hidden plane.  Believing that he is safe, Marvin is stunned when he hears another voice.

"Hi, Marvin," Ressler says with an intimidating look.

Will justice finally prevail?

season 9 finale The blacklist airs Fridays at 8 pm ET/PT on NBC.

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