Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita are expecting second baby

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita are expecting second baby

Prepare the nursery!  Jesse Tyler Ferguson announced Friday that she is expecting a second child with her husband, Justin Mikita.

The 46 year old man Modern Family The star posted the news in a video on Instagram.  "We are expanding our family," she said.  "Beckett is going to be a brother this fall!"  The couple welcomed her almost 2 year old son in July 2020.

"Like most people in this country right now, we are heartbroken by the attacks across the country," Ferguson captioned his video.  "From senseless gun violence to state-by-state attacks on our transgender family and a spate of attacks on women's reproductive health."

Ferguson reminded his followers about his and Mikita's non-profit organization, Pronoun, which raises funds for LGBTQIA advocacy.  The organization is now partnering with MilliMilia small, woman-owned business in Los Angeles, to sell a collection of sleeping bags, crib sheets, eye masks, and gowns designed by katie kaapcke.

"We will use these resources to target states where the reproductive health and rights of transgender people are currently under constant attack," Ferguson wrote.  He and Mikita also announced donations of $25,000 to the ACLU, National Abortion Federation Y Everytown for Gun Safety.

"We are very excited to have a little boy join our growing family," Ferguson wrote, "and very proud to support the decision to do so."

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