Busy Philipps reveals she was separated from husband Marc Silverstein for over a year

Busy Philipps reveals she was separated from husband Marc Silverstein for over a year

Busy Philipps has announced that she and husband Marc Silverstein have been separated for over a year.

The actress made the announcement during Friday's episode of her podcast, busy philipps is doing his best, saying that "Marc and I have been apart for a long time."  He added that his children, relatives and friends of his knew the sad news before entering into the proper protocol to make such an announcement.

"And we really discussed, like, how do I handle it publicly, because when we first broke up, it was like February of last year," the 42-year-old added.  "But the truth is, you know, there's a conventional idea of ​​what a person in the public eye is supposed to do when their relationship ends, and it's been pretty well established, right? Like, you make a statement, you you commit to remain friends, 'respect our privacy and our family's privacy at this time,' right? But the truth is, who made that rule up, is this how you do it? I'm serious."

He added: "And if anything, the last few years have shown me that it's kind of like you can only do what's right for you and your family, whether or not you have a public life or just post on Facebook or whatever. Because we all have a public life at this point. You don't have to follow a conventional idea just because it's been done before. I really believe that."

Philips later added that the idea of ​​releasing a statement about the split "made us both stink really sick."  He called the separation a "journey."

"The safest way that Marc and I were able to guarantee the privacy of our children that we love so much was not to involve the public," he said as he became emotional.

Philipps and Silverstein married in 2007 and have two daughters: Birdie, 13, and Cricket, 8.

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