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The House of the Dragon, episode 4: trailer, opening time and wherever to see the fourth chapter in the Usa and Mexico

The House of the Dragon, episode 4: trailer, opening time and where to see the fourth chapter in the USA and Mexico

Immediately after the premiere of the third episode of “the house of the dragon“, the supporters presently have their minds established on what will be noticed in the place, which will be unveiled on sunday september 11 at 8:00 p.m. from Central Mexico and 9:00 p.m. from the Japanese United States on the HBO Max display screen.

The new episode of “the house of the dragon” is titled “King of the Narrow Sea”, and in the preview you can see the return of Aegon, Aemon’s uncle, following his victorious passage by way of the Stepstones and with a crown on his head that bears the very same textual content that gives its title to the chapter This occurs after a time skip and reveals the king’s son as 3 many years old.

“The House of the Dragon”: what the fourth chapter will be about

The plot will emphasis on the predicament that reveals to King Viserys who need to be his heir, given that there are 3 candidates for that position: on the one particular hand there is princess Rhaenyra, on the other his brother Daemon and last but not least his tiny son Aegon.

A quite vital second is the a single that stars the king and his daughter, the princess, given that they are observed arguing strongly and anything finishes with an exclamation from the monarch who tells him: “You are my political headache“. This only confirms the rigidity in between them, which also accentuates Rhaenyra’s poor name.

Lastly, it is needed to mention what comes about with Lord Otto Hightower, who carries on in his battle to receive additional electric power and grow to be an crucial man within just the kingdom. To attain this, he will do anything at all, which include continuing to use his daughter as his most impressive weapon.

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