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Rica Famosa Latina 6: Vicente Fernández Jr and Mariana González reveal how they would like to pose on OnlyFans

Rica Famosa Latina 6: Vicente Fernández Jr and Mariana González reveal how they would like to pose on OnlyFans

With the premiere of fourth chapter of Prosperous Well known Latina 6matters get hotter and hotter and this time, Vicente Fernández Jr and his girlfriend Mariana Gonzálezbusinesswoman from Guadalajara, made strong revelations.

During the birthday bash of Edwin Luna, partner of Kimberly Flores, Marcela Iglesias lifted the issue that it has managed to position by itself as a onlyfans star and bragged to everyone about the earnings he earns from generating very hot written content on the platform.

Marcela asked Vicente Fernández Jr if he would be willing to enable Mariana González opened an OnlyFans accountto which Vicente replied of course, but on one particular situation. at?v=R0trjgkDzQI

And it is that, the eldest son of Don Vicente Fernández, who dropped his lifestyle on December 12, 2021, exposed how he would like to venture into onlyfans.

“Yes, but let us do it alongside one another”, Vicente Fernández Jr instructed Marcela, who talked about that this plan is millionaire and that they could generate a lot more income than Kim Kardashian herself with her companies.

Mariana, also regarded as The Kim Kardashian of Tepatitlán, supported the notion of ​​her boyfriend Vicente Jr, who has built some participations in the Estrella Television set truth exhibit.

Rica Famosa Latina member will make OnlyFans content material with her son

Right after the premiere of the sixth time of Rica Famosa Latinajust one of the attractive associates gave a thing to speak about by creating material on OnlyFans, an grownup system, in an unusual way.

Sandra Vidalwho evidently is not to the liking of 4 of her 5 companions, came to a photograph session of Marcela Iglesias and was amazed to see her friend accompanied by two youthful men.

“We are using out for OnlyFans. My son Rodrigo is like 50 Shades of Grey, like he likes to look at, ”said Marcela concerning laughs however, Sandra Vidal experienced a astonishing response. at?v=A3B264Jk-Q8

Sandra was shocked: “Your son? I am remaining with my mouth open, nicely it states in the gospel that worse points will appear. The sexual tactics what she does are not of the gospel. The pretty sin conceived ”, answered Pablo Montero’s ex when she was questioned about the situation of Marcela and her son.

Net customers made some opinions in which they had been also shocked, as some believe that that the difficulty of mom and son producing content for OnlyFans alongside one another is embarrassing.

In addition, the theme ongoing through the fourth episode, since Luzelba Mansour he apologized to Marcela for possessing explained that carrying out OnlyFans with his son was a form of incest (Sexual partnership involving quite close blood relatives or who appear by beginning from a prevalent trunk).

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