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Powerball: outcomes and winning figures for Monday, Oct 31

Powerball: results and winning numbers for Monday, October 31

This Monday the raffle edition took spotor Powerball of 31 Octoberin the center of Halloween, with a overall bag to die of worry, because he has managed to accumulate billion bucksimmediately after many months without having a winner showing, or else a prize with a cash value of 497.3 million.

The profitable quantities of the lottery Powerball of monday oct 31 are: 13, 19, 36, 39 Y 59

The Powerball Engage in was: 13 with Electricity Perform 3X

The successful quantities in The Double Play have been: 09, 14, 52, 57 Y 62

The PowerBall Play was: 24

How is Powerball played?

The attract is composed of picking 5 quantities involving 1 and 59 and a sixth number amongst 1 and 35, which is identified as Powerball. The ticket to participate expenditures 2 bucks, and you can pay out an more volume named “Powerplay” so that, in scenario you earn, the winnings are multiplied by two, a few, 5 or 10.

In scenario of not seeking to decide on the numbers a personal computer can opt for them randomly.

It is really been more than a month due to the fact Powerball has experienced a leading prize winner, to the position that the proceeds over the final several weeks have managed to attain a Billion Greenback prize pool.

The remaining bag has not nevertheless managed to be claimed by the lucky a person with the successful figures, waiting to see how lots of additional editions they can insert till they achieve more substantial quantities than can be counted.

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