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Powerball: final results and winning quantities for Saturday, Oct 29

Powerball: results and winning numbers for Saturday, October 29

This Saturday the version of the raffle was carried out Oct 29 Powerball with a full bag of 700 million bucksthe biggest prize available in modern weeks, with a cash worth of 335.7 million.

The successful figures for the Powerball lottery for Saturday, Oct 29 are: 19, 31, 40, 46, 57

The Powerball Participate in was: 23 with Energy Perform 3X

The winning numbers in The Double Perform have been: 9, 13, 31, 35, 37

The PowerBall Perform was: 1

How is Powerball performed?

The draw is made up of deciding upon five figures between 1 and 59 and a sixth quantity involving 1 and 35, which is known as Powerball. The ticket to participate prices 2 pounds, and you can fork out an further amount of money termed “Powerplay” so that, in situation you earn, the winnings are multiplied by two, three, five or ten.

In circumstance you never want to decide on the numbers a computer can decide on them at random.

For the contest of October 25the jackpot went up pretty much 200 million pounds in a week, so it continues its streak without the need of acquiring the blessed 1 with the winning figures, waiting to see how a lot of much more editions they can insert until they reach larger figures than can be counted.

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