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Powerball: effects and winning figures for Monday, November 14

Powerball: results and winning numbers for Monday, November 14

This Monday the version of the raffle was carried out Powerball of November 14th with a full bag of $59 millionwith a hard cash worth of 29.6 million.

The winning numbers for the Powerball lottery for Monday, November 14 are: 19, 35, 53, 54 Y 67

The Powerball Participate in was: 20-one with Energy Participate in 2X

The successful numbers in The Double Participate in were being: 01, 24, 32, 63 Y 69

The PowerBall Perform was: 13

How is Powerball performed?

The draw is made up of selecting 5 quantities concerning 1 and 59 and a sixth number amongst 1 and 35, which is known as Powerball. The ticket to participate expenses 2 pounds, and you can pay an further sum referred to as “Powerplay” so that, in case you gain, the winnings are multiplied by two, three, 5 or 10.

In scenario of not wanting to choose the quantities a laptop can pick out them randomly.

For the November 14 contest, it was only two weeks prior to the $2.4 billion jackpot was awarded. The final bag has begun from scratch and is by now on its way to 100 million, but the prize has not been capable to be claimed by the blessed a person with the profitable numbers, ready to see how lots of extra editions they can insert right until they reach higher quantities all over again. fantastic than can be counted.

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