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Mega Hundreds of thousands currently: benefits and successful quantities for Friday, November 4, 2022

Mega Millions today: results and winning numbers for Friday, November 4, 2022

The draw megamillions you previously have the winners for friday November 4, 2022who will take a single of the prizes from the bag of $380 millionor a funds prize of 198.2 million bucks.

The profitable numbers ended up: 2, 20, 47, 55, 59

The Megaball: 19

The Megaplier multiplier: 2X

How to perform and how much does a ticket cost?

Every lottery ticket line is only $2. And, the specifications to engage in are uncomplicated, we existing them below:

  • Pick out five various figures concerning 1 and 70 (which are drawn with white balls).

  • Select a selection from 1 to 25 (which is the golden Mega Ball)

  • You can also find the Simple Select/Brief Choose

Other strategies to acquire Mega Millions

There are 9 ways in which you can get a prize from this drawing, which can be from the jackpot, to a refund of the charge of your ticket.

For this, you have to purchase the ticket Megaplier at a cost of 3 pounds. Below you choose a ball, which if it is awarded, the price will be multiplied by the amount of times it seems in the winners.

You can participate any place in the globe, as very long as you buy the ticket on line whilst the price tag of tickets on the internet is a minor greater.

How lengthy does the winner have to assert the prize?

The winner has 60 times from the drawing to determine which will be the way to acquire and will have two possibilities: The first is to get the overall of the jackpot in 30 annual payments the next is to acquire in a one payment, but only a portion of the original prize would be taken, taking into consideration the payment of taxes.

Later you will have 12 thirty day period phrase to claim your prize and if you do not, the State of Illinois will have the authority to use the dollars in a variety of actions.

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