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Heidi Klum, the queen of Halloween who risked her life for a creepy costume: driving the scenes of the mythical worm

Heidi Klum, the queen of Halloween who risked her life for a creepy costume: behind the scenes of the mythical worm

Halloween remaining unlimited sensations because of to the creative imagination of some environment icons. Heidi klumlike every October 31, dazzled once more with a costume that broke all sorts of expectations: a recreation of a giant worm who was accompanied by a fisherman with just one eye missing, played by Tom Kaulitzher spouse.

The 49-year-aged design headlined her 21st yearly occasion Halloween, sponsored by Now Screaming x Key Online video and Bailey’s, which returned immediately after a two-calendar year hiatus due to COVID-19. There was good uncertainty about her outfit for this 12 months and she proved to keep on to stay up to what she claims.

Heidi Klum, actively playing the worm.


A single of the most epic times was when she was lying on the flooring writhing on the carpet, even though her husband stood like the fisherman who hooked her (and lost an eye in the system).

The creation was actually awesome. Every single depth of the worm’s pores and skin showed that there was extra than professional get the job done guiding it. “This costume took a extended time, it took me numerous months”acknowledged when remaining consulted by Rachel Smith, from ET.

He also told what he experienced in thoughts last yr and how he modified his brain: “I wished to be a tree”. But because she assumed it would be as well tricky, “I begun contemplating outside the box,” she included.

The dangerous at the rear of the scenes

On the other hand, he certain that dressing as a worm intended a little dangerous for what claustrophobic that is, with nearly no internal house to breathe or move. He even managed that it really is tricky to be in a suit that you can’t acquire off like a hat.

“Everything is hooked up to you. It is not a little something that you can just take off like a hat when you no lengthier really feel like it, and take it off, it’s on!” he stated, though acknowledging: “Acquiring so several prostheses in the pastYou go through waves. There are instances wherever I am like, ‘Okay, I can do this,’ and then it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, take it off.

Heidi Klum, the queen of Halloween who risked her life for a creepy costume: behind the scenes of the mythical worm

The presenter surprised as soon as yet again with her dangerous choice.

“I really don’t want to let my Halloween followers down or myself. Due to the fact each individual 12 months it can be an inside challenge with myself to discover anything wonderful, anything sudden. I experience like I nailed it this yr, now I genuinely hope it is effective out,” he explained to ET. And he pointed out: “You will find never ever definitely a trial. There is certainly no costume rehearsal, so when I do that that day, it either will work or it will not perform, so I hope it functions.”

Some epic Heidi Klum Halloween costumes

Heidi Leather


Heidi Leather


Forbidden fruit


Forbidden fruit



“Bodies” Cadavar


Heidi, 95 years old


Heidi, 95 yrs previous






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