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A motion picture of appreciate and passion that became the most viewed on Netflix: it lasts fewer than 2 hrs

A movie of love and passion that became the most watched on Netflix: it lasts less than 2 hours

Following having attained a spectacular good results with “The Crown”, Netflix produced a new film involving royalty, this time from Norway. We communicate about “royalteen“, a teenage adore film that managed to turn out to be the most seen on the platform in a number of times.

A motion picture of really like and enthusiasm that grew to become the most viewed on Netflix: it lasts a lot less than 2 hours

When it can be not about real people like the aforementioned English crown sequence, “royalteen” focuses on the daily life of a youthful lady who fulfills a crown prince, with whom she commences a passionate bond with him. out?v=qWJVT6eaTa8

“Royalteen”: what the movie is about

The plot of “royalteen” tells the story of Lena, a teenager who, right after arriving at a new faculty thanks to an embarrassing episode she professional, satisfies Prince Kalle. Despite her adorable bond with this youthful Norwegian royalty, troubles do not get very long to show up.

Lena’s key complication occurs from her most significant top secret, the identical one that produced her depart her old dwelling and occur to this new substantial university. When anything will come to light, every little thing that she developed with Kalle starts to just take a nosedive.

“Royalteen”: how long is the film

The tape lasts 1 hour 47 minutes, and many thanks to its rigorous rhythm, it entirely captivated Netflix viewers.

Full solid of “Royalteen”

  • Veslemøy Mørkrid
  • Martin Grid Toennesen
  • Elli Rhiannon Muller Osbourne
  • Ines Høysæter Asserson
  • Christian Ruud Kallum
  • Petter Width Kristiansen
  • Kirsti Stubo

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