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The King, Collection by Vicente Fernández: explore the serious Lorena Cruz

The King, Series by Vicente Fernández: discover the real Lorena Cruz

‘The King, Vicente Fernandez’, the authorized biographical sequence of the ‘Charro from Huentitan’which stars Jaime Camil and that has come to be a single of the most viewed Netflix and has created wonderful expectations amongst consumers and admirers of the Mexican singer.

However, the series has not been exempt from controversy since some characters that marked the lifestyle of Vicente Fernandez they have not been capable to be named with their real identity and on the contrary, they have compelled the subscribers to deduce who they were being in truth as in the scenario of lorraine cross.

Vicente Fernandez and Lorena Cruz

Who is Lorena Cruz in the collection ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández’?

In the ninth episode of ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández’, the character of Lorena Cruz appeared, a lovely and proficient woman who brings together an imposing character with her figure and who is played by the Mexican actress and singer sofia garza.

The episode centered on 1966 tells the story of the very last moments of Vicente’s father who is quite ill and as his final would like he would like his son to look at the Esperanza Iris Town Theater, a setting up reserved for the biggest and most recognized artists. .

Vicente Fernández moves all his chips to satisfy his father’s very last desire Nonetheless, he operates into the impediment that the theater only has dates obtainable in eight months, some thing that looks impossible to satisfy the intent provided the man’s deteriorating overall health.

lorraine cross

lorraine cross

That is when Fernández decides to get in touch with Lorena, the lady who experienced reserved all the dates for the adhering to month Cruz via the theater management and whom she attempts to persuade to make a change of dates to benefit her father’s will.

Nonetheless, a series of misunderstandings with the contact that Chente will make to Lorena power him to make a vacation to the United States to persuade her personally and he manages to satisfy his mission.

When everything appears to be heading from strength to strength, the determine of the journalist Verónica Landín seems, who uncovers rumors about an alleged romantic relationship involving the Charro de Huentitán and the woman, which will cause Lorena Cruz to have personal challenges with her associate.

'The King, Vicente Fernandez'

‘The King, Vicente Fernandez’

In his desperation to close the presentation at the theater, Vicente Fernández goes straight to Lorena’s household to meet up with her partner and explain the problem of their constant encounters and demonstrate that there is no relationship in between them.

The determine of Lorena Cruz is encouraged by the singer Lucha Villa, known for her robust character and imposing persona that get paid her the nicknames ‘La grandeta de Camargo’ and ‘La ronca de Chihuahua’.

Though in the collection, Cruz’s partner is named Antoine and is presented as the guitarist of a team called ‘Los Abulones’, a reference to Arturo Durazo, the third husband of Lucha Villa and who was a musician in the team ‘Los Apson’. out?v=w559Vrwza5A

Lucha Villa and Vicente Fernández coincided on stage in truth in the 1960s signing up for their voices at the Blanquita Theater on the other hand, right before singing a duet, Chente was notified of the death of his father who did not get to see his last would like fulfilled.

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