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The House of the Dragon, episode 9: trailer, premiere time and wherever to see the ninth chapter in the United states and Mexico

The House of the Dragon, episode 9: trailer, premiere time and where to see the ninth chapter in the USA and Mexico

The to start with period of “The House of the Dragon” is about to appear to an end and upcoming Sunday the penultimate episode entitled “The Green Council” will be introduced, whose preview exhibits us what the substantially-announced dying of King Viserys I will be like and also the new ways of Alicent and Otto Hightower for go on with his formidable prepare to stay in electrical power by way of the arrival of Aegon II to the Iron Throne.

The new chapter of “The House of the Dragon“will occur to mild this Sunday, Oct 16 at 8:00 p.m. Central Mexico and 9:00 p.m. Eastern United States on the HBO Max display screen. The formal trailer now provides an concept of ​​the violent fights that will acquire place in the kingdom and how ambition, betrayal and the desire for power will mark a ahead of and immediately after towards the finish of the season.

In addition, this new installment of “The House of the Dragon” kicks off what is known as the “Dance of Dragons”, one thing that appears in the unique novel “Hearth and Blood” by George RR Martin on which the successful collection was inspired. This occasion is nothing other than war between inexperienced and black, that is, by the sides shaped by Alicent and his clan, Otto and Criston Cole on one side, and Rhaenyra, Daemon and their small children supported by the residences of the Velaryon and the Arryn on the other.

Provided this context marked by stress and a latent conflict that can split out at any minute, viewers assume the new episode to exhibit the coronation of Aegon II, 1st descendant of Alicent and King Viserys, as King of Westeros changing Rhaenyra. which will make unavoidable the confrontation between the brothers for the throne, all as a end result of the conspiracy led by Alicent.

In the video you can hear a voiceover, that of Alicent, commenting on Viserys I’s final terms before he died: “He explained to me he wished Aegon was king“. On the other hand, Otto, the Hand of the King, is also listened to indicating a few words that also exposes the fully rarefied ambiance that is lived within: “The doorway stays shut until we complete our company“.

The House of the Dragon, period 2: what is identified about the new episodes of the series

To the joy of lovers of “The House of the Dragon“, A few weeks ago the information that all of them had been waiting for was known: the filming of the second period. Though a day has not nevertheless been described for the starting of the recordings nor for the premiere of the new episodes, there are previously some details about the continuity of this prequel to “Recreation Of Thrones”.

The most crucial detail about this information is that Miguel Sapochnik, a single of the team’s most remarkable showrunners throughout this initial season, will not be included in the new installment. The identify that will be in charge of this operate will be Ryan Condal, who was a duo with Sapochnik through the initially ten episodes of the strip.

Owning said all this and having into account the time that the manufacturing needed for the filming of the first year, the sequence is envisioned to return to air on HBO Max in 2024, possibly for the summer months / slide of that calendar year.

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