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Powerball: Results and Winning Numbers for Saturday, October 8

Powerball: Results and Winning Numbers for Saturday, October 8

This Saturday the attract version was held Powerball of October 8th with a complete bag of $353 millionthe premier prize obtainable in current months, with a cash price of 185.6 million.

The successful quantities for the Powerball lottery for Saturday, Oct 8 are: 13, 43, 53, 60, 68

The Powerball Perform was: 05 with powerplay 2X

The winning quantities in The Double Engage in have been: 03, 33, 46, 63, 68

The PowerBall Play was: 17

How is Powerball performed?

The draw is made up of deciding on 5 numbers involving 1 and 59 and a sixth amount among 1 and 35, which is identified as Powerball. The ticket to take part charges 2 pounds, and you can pay back an added amount of money known as “Powerplay” so that, in case of profitable, the winnings are multiplied by two, 3, five or 10.

If you never want to choose the quantities, a laptop or computer can decide on them randomly.

For the contest of October 5ththe grand prize endured an improve of 100 million pounds in significantly less than a month, so it proceeds its streak of many weeks without the need of finding the fortunate just one with the winning numbers, waiting to see how several more editions they can include right until they attain bigger quantities than can be counted once again.

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