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Hurricane Ian | The amazing tale of a woman and her ring left by the hurricane in Florida

Hurricane Ian |  The incredible story of a woman and her ring left by the hurricane in Florida

The passage of Hurricane Ian still left a disaster in many regions of Florida in the United States even so, among the tragedy appeared a gentle of hope. Ashley Garner, an American citizen, located her wedding ring that she considered misplaced.

“Some of you know that I missing my marriage ring a few of days right before the hurricane. We search higher and lower for dayyssss. Ian was coming and I recognized that he was absent and I would in no way get him again immediately after the 120mph winds,” Garner described by using Fb.

He further discussed how Ian’s phase aided him discover the ring: “I was literally in a bunch of weeds when we opened the garage to start out clear up. with so a lot devastation this gave us a little bit of hope,” she added.

The shocking online video of a meteorologist getting swept away by strong winds

The renowned meteorologist El Canal del clima, Jim Cantoreimpacted social networks with a video in which it is noticed that it is dragged by the powerful winds of the Hurricane Ian after his arrival in the point out of Florida, even though offering his report.

The meteorologist it has turn into synonymous with intense snowstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes about the earlier 3 a long time.

Via social networks you can see a video of how sing attempts to remain on his toes after giving his report on Hurricane Ian. Having said that, it is seen how it is dragged by the potent winds that exceeded 250 kilometers for every hour. In addition, it is attainable to observe how they strike him difficult while a tree branch breaks off.


The reporter was blown away by the winds of Hurricane Ian

This movie has reached a lot more than 1.6 million views and dozens of remarks.

Who is Jim Cantore?

Jim Cantore is a meteorology reporter and has usually been characterized by the fact that purely natural phenomena stick to him, due to the fact he has been in solid storms of snow, tornadoes and hurricanes for the duration of the very last 3 many years.

Social network consumers currently know his perform, considering the fact that he has generally been in stunning video clips of when a pure phenomenon attacks.

Animals are influenced by Hurricane Ian

The Hurricane Ian It has left serious injury in the course of its passage via Florida, United States, destroying houses and flooding whole neighborhoods, a predicament that forced the evacuation of about 2.5 million folks. The storm made landfall this Wednesday, September 28, by Crucial Coast with group 4, but pretty close to reaching level 5, the most devastating on the scale.

On the other hand, not only people today have been afflicted by the implications of their arrival, but outstanding images of animals who have endured the penalties of the hurricane and have come to be disoriented, ending up in city places.

Hurricane Ian |  The incredible story of a woman and her ring left by the hurricane in Florida

A substantial seal roams the streets of Florida

Possibly the most putting is the online video of a massive seal wandering by the streets of a Florida neighborhood. The mammal induced astonishment in the folks who managed to record the moment and the people of social networks were being in charge of building the animal go viral by touring city parts.

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