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Group Famosos achieves victory in the very first chapter of the system

Team Famosos achieves victory in the first chapter of the program

Just after a very long wait just after the close of Chef VIPfans of extalon in the United States could explode with emotion with the premiere of a new time, which saw the Group Popularwhich are the purple workforce, categorically prevail in excess of the contenders, who had been even affected by an harm.

Thanks to their efficiency, the Colorados will be ready to shell out their 1st evening in the deluxe Villa Exathlonwhole of all the comforts worthy of all their exertion, although the blues will have to expend an uncomfortable evening in shared facilities and with very little privacy to which any one could be entitled.

Pink crew dominance

The inspiring speech of the Colombian Catherine Ibarguen He seemed to have enthusiastic all his teammates, in particular the gals, who managed to get by means of the first working day of competition without losing a single challenge, and exhibiting that, most most likely, they will choose the direct in favor of the team’s properly-being.

For its section, the blue workforce experienced commenced the level of competition in a good way, soon after finding the first place of the night time, nonetheless, an surprising shoulder harm endured by Joseph Kuthyminimized their fantastic pace and charge them the prospect to succeed on the first night.

The new participants of Exatlón

This October 3, the new contenders in research of the glory of the United States Exathlon were being present with their starvation for victory: In this article is the listing of workforce contributors.

blue group | Contenders

  • Isabel Junio, a common practitioner, is 29 many years previous and initially from Mexico.
  • Junior Díaz, seller, is 28 several years old and is initially from the Dominican Republic.
  • Aldo Tamez, an engineering pupil, is 22 yrs previous and initially from Mexico.
  • Lilian Durán, a boxing coach, is 27 several years old and originally from Mexico.
  • Esteban Castillo, content creator, is 28 decades outdated and initially from Costa Rica.
  • Alejandra Varela, an engineering college student, is 26 yrs aged and initially from Mexico.
  • Cynthia Castillo, a personalized coach, is 32 many years outdated and originally from Mexico.
  • Azul Grantón, product and influencer, is 22 several years outdated and initially from Argentina.
  • José Kuthy, a nutritionist, is 26 yrs previous and is originally from Mexico.
  • Aarón Matos, a crossfit coach, is 24 years old and initially from Venezuela.

Crimson team | Well known

  • Jonny Magallón, a professional soccer player, is 40 decades old and initially from Mexico.
  • Horacio Gutiérrez, MMA fighter, is 32 many years outdated and is at first from Mexico.
  • Rafael Nieves, actor, is 34 many years old and is at first from Mexico.
  • Marizol Landazuri, Olympic sprinter, is 31 yrs outdated and initially from Ecuador.
  • Selene Valera, a specialist soccer player, is 27 several years aged and at first from Mexico.
  • Elsa García, Olympic gymnast, is 32 years previous and initially from Mexico.
  • Caterine Ibargüen, Globe Leaping Champion, is 38 several years old and originally from Colombia.
  • Estefanía Ahumada, actress and host, is 33 several years outdated and initially from Spain.
  • Douglas Castillo, a table tennis participant, is 28 several years aged and initially from Costa Rica.
  • Iván Fernández, expert volleyball player, is 24 yrs aged and is initially from Puerto Rico.

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