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Exatlón Vintage: Which workforce gained the next confrontation in between the United States and Mexico?

Exatlón Classic: Which team won the second confrontation between the United States and Mexico?

Times following the triumph of the competition of the Exathlon Mexico about the contestants United statesthe rematch among both systems was carried out, with victory for the customers of the Earth Edition that is broadcast through Telemundo, and so collect their revenge for the former outcome.

With a close score 10-9, the software led by Frederik Oldenburg It confirmed that they are also aggressive when they set their minds to it, specifically thanks to the competitive generate that the contenders have proven irrespective of the numerical disadvantage in the everyday troubles.

sweet revenge

In accordance to what was announced by both equally productions, it is just the 2nd of three distinctive applications that will face each countries, so it is expected that the last duel, with a date to be defined, will determine once and for all who the forged is. most dominant in the location.

It should really be remembered that the initially match was gained by Mexico with a rating of 10-6, in a duel that went viral not only due to the fact of the occurrences of the hosts of the two shows, but also simply because of the amount of the Mexicans above the internationals, inspite of simply because they experienced the identical amount of wear.

What’s coming for the two casts

On the component of Exatlón Estados Unidos, this victory came to lighten the ambiance soon after the 3rd consecutive elimination challenge missing by the blue crew of Contenders, who reported goodbye to Cynthia Castillowho was defeated by Marizol Landazuri four instances in a row. The Crimson Group Superstars are on their way to monopolizing the ultimate months of levels of competition.

Whilst in Mexico, the defeat will only serve as an incentive in look for of successful in the third method, and thus verify that, inspite of becoming a time manufactured up largely of new figures, the competitive level of the tricolors will remain substantial. as the ideal in the continent.

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