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Exathlon United States 2022: Who was the next eliminated from the levels of competition?

Exathlon United States 2022: Who was the second eliminated from the competition?

Two weeks have passed, and the rivalry in the United States Exathlon remains lively among the Contenders on the Blue group, and the Celebs on the Red. On this occasion, the 2nd elimination match of the levels of competition bid farewell to Joseph Kuthywho was defeated by Ivan Fernandez.

The 27-yr-previous Mexican competitor was no match for the Puerto Rican, who defeated him in the reconstruction circuit with a relentless 4-, which marked the departure of the 2nd participant from the blue team, right after the departure of Lilian Durán.

José Kuthy and his difficult time at Exatlón

It should really be remembered that on the 1st day of competitiveness, Kuthy had to be injured for a couple of days immediately after struggling a shoulder personal injury while competing on a circuit, in what appeared like a modest dislocation.

His absence brought on rumors about his permanence and staff functionality till he managed to return to his teammates, nonetheless, his functionality was not ample to avoid the elimination duel and eventually drop at the mercy of Fernández, who was nominated for owning the cheapest share of wins on the movie star staff.

How is the elimination duel described?

The opponents heading to the elimination duel are outlined as follows: the first athlete is the a single with the most affordable winning percentage, announced by the host Frederik Oldenburgeven though the second is defined by the leader of victories in the staff in issue.

When unique genders are at danger in the groups, that is, in one crew adult males and in the other girls, the contestants are outlined in the Video game by keeping on Sunday. Whoever loses by a big difference of 10 points sentences two of his athletes.

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