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Carín León reveals what took place in between Canelo and Grupo Firme at the boxer’s daughter’s get together

Carín León reveals what happened between Canelo and Grupo Firme at the boxer's daughter's party

The XV-yr social gathering of the daughter of Saúl Canelo Álvarez was really an occasion The millionaire celebration was attended by the two of the most essential artists of Mexican regional tunes: Firme Team and Carín León.

Despite the fact that it was a extremely great occasion for the spouse and children of the Mexican boxer, not every little thing was pleasure. In accordance to youtuber Chamoic, Canelo Alvarezin a in shape, ran to the musicians of the party.

Throughout the Oct functions in Guadalajara, Jalisco, the interpreter of the poisonous place an stop to the controversy and spelled out what happened at the occasion of XV a long time of Emily Cinnamon.

“We put on a superior (social gathering). I shared with him championwith my good friend Edward. We truly feel like loved ones, ”he explained to the Sale el Sol system.

Did Canelo go up in glasses?

A Canelo Alvarez did the cups go up? The get together of the Mexican boxer’s daughter has been a matter of discussion throughout the 7 days due to the extravagant price tag and even mainly because it is rumored that the boxer ran to Organization Group.

In the past handful of several hours, a online video has been circulating on social networks, wherever Canelo is observed with a couple of much too quite a few drinks. Similarly, she invited Eduin Caz, leader of Grupo Firme, to convey to an anecdote that she lived with the singer, with whom she maintains a terrific friendship.

“Eduin, Eduin, Eduin this bastard is the only just one who has knocked me out. Then I put a person beating”, confessed Canelo, who at that minute was currently apparent that he was out of beverages.

He sings to his wife drunk

The method Gossip No Like shared another movie the place you can also see that Cinnamon he’s drunk and even attempted to sing to his spouse.

“There is a song that I want to sing to you my life. My appreciate, my gorgeous, my princess. There is a track that I want to sing to you called…” and that is when Cinnamon start off to sing’the initially idiot‘, a music manufactured famous by the Los Cardenales de Nuevo León team.

Canelo Álvarez sang with Grupo Firme

Canelo Alvarez he threw the household out the window at his eldest daughter’s fifteenth birthday celebration, Emily Cinnamonwho wore three attire all through the celebration, which commenced with a mass in the cathedral of Guadalajara.

That Company Group singing in the XV several years of Emily was not an simple task and not low-priced, because the group expenses a good sum of funds for each individual live general performance.

According to a person of TikTok, Company Team cobra shut to 3.5 million Mexican pesos per celebration, such as weddings, XV many years, baptisms, birthdays and other private parties.

Reported amount of money could be impartial of the charges of assembly, lighting, audio, transportation of the band and its musical instruments, between other manufacturing charges.

They were being also existing Carin Leonwho does not sing at non-public events and created an exception, and Claudio Alcarazof whom the approximate sum that he could have billed for singing is unidentified.

The atmosphere reached these a diploma that the boxer from Guadalajara was encouraged to get on stage to sing with Eduin Caz, leader and vocalist of Grupo Firme. And he also dared to dance with his wife, Fernanda Gómez, ‘La Boda del huitlacoche’, a well known tune by Carín León.

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